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Dad Attacks Man Convicted Of Killing Daughter (Video)

Van Terry attacked convicted serial killer Michael Madison in a Cleveland courtroom on June 2. Terry's daughter, Shirellda, was one of three women Madison murdered. Madison later wrapped the victims' bodies in trash bags (video below).

Terry and another man were removed from the courtroom by Cuyahoga County Sheriff's deputies, notes

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Nancy R. McDonnell sentenced Madison to death by lethal injection only minutes before Terry jumped for Madison, who moved to his right and dodged the grieving dad.

Madison's other victims were Angela Deskins and Shetisha Shelley. All the victims' bodies were found in July 2013 near an apartment building where Madison lived, notes WKYC.

Terry was one of the family members who was chosen to make a statement in court in front of Madison.

"I guess we are supposed to find it in our hearts to forgive this clown ... who has taken my child," Terry said right before he lunged at Madison, reports WJW.

Terry's sister told the news station her brother couldn't take anymore. According to family members, Madison smiled and taunted the families.

Madison has expressed his admiration for serial killer Anthony Sowell, also known as the Cleveland Strangler.

McDonnell also sentenced Madison for convictions of kidnapping, rape, having weapons under disability and gross abuse of a corpse.

Madison's lawyers didn't deny that their client killed the three women, but they claimed that it was not premeditated, which was an effort to avoid the death penalty.

The lawyers also said the serial killer should not be executed because of his psychological damage that was caused by childhood abuse.

A jury recommended the death penalty, and McDonnell had the option of giving Madison life without parole. She chose to sentence him to death.

Sources:, WKYC, WJW / Photo credit: WKYC via YouTube

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