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Dad And His Girlfriend Arrested For Allegedly Leaving 6-Year-Old In Car While They Ate

Aric Keck, 51, and his 26-year-old girlfriend Jacqueline Tabb, have been charged with reckless conduct for allegedly leaving Keck’s 6-year-old son in the car for more than 40 minutes while they had dinner at Kona Grill in Alpharetta, Georgia, on July 18.

According to a police report, the unidentified boy called his mother and told her that he was alone in his father’s car in a parking lot. His mother called 911 and the dispatcher called the boy, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Keck returned when the dispatcher was on the phone with the boy.

The dispatcher then called Keck, who allegedly hung up the first time. Dispatch called Keck again and he told the dispatcher he left his son alone to go to the restroom. According to police, Keck then called his ex-wife and threatened to kill her for calling the police while his son and girlfriend listened.

The child was able to tell his mother the names of the streets where the car had been parked and with the help of surveillance footage, investigators were able to piece together what happened. Keck and Tabb were in the restaurant for about 45 minutes, NY Daily News reported.

The couple surrendered on Aug. 10. The boy was not injured. 

Sources: Atlanta Journal Constitution, NY Daily News Image via Atlanta Journal Constitution


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