Dad Accused of Allowing Son, 8, to Drive Car Into Tree (Video)


Frank Conway allegedly allowed his 8-year-old son to drive his 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee because he was too drunk to operate the car on August 4.

The boy reportedly sat between his father's legs while trying to drive the SUV, but crashed it into a tree near the family's home in Robinson Township, Pa.

The child suffered injuries to his face and sternum, reports CBS Pittsburgh (video below).

According to court papers made public on Oct. 14, a “highly intoxicated” Conway told police that he “did not see a problem” with having the boy drive.

“[The boy] drove in the yard, on the street and in the parking lot of the V.F.W. before re-entering the yard and hitting the wrong pedal which caused him to strike a tree,” said court papers.

According to The Smoking Gun, Conway has been charged with misdemeanor child endangerment and reckless endangerment.

Sources: CBS Pittsburgh, The Smoking Gun


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