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Dad Accidentally Kills Child While Teaching Gun Safety

A father in Ohio claims he accidentally shot his daughter to death June 10 while trying to teach his sons about gun safety.

Eric Hummel, 33, was reportedly trying to teach 10-year-old Olivia's brothers the importance of gun safety when he pulled the trigger, unaware his firearm was loaded, according to the Daily Mail.

Hummel immediately called 911 after he unintentionally shot the girl in the forehead from about two feet away.

"I had my gun, and I pulled the trigger and I didn't realize there was a bullet in there and I shot my daughter," he reported during his 911 call.

"She's got blood everywhere, man," he continued, repeatedly screaming "Please don't go. Oh my god, please don't go."

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When police arrived, they found a crying Hummel kneeling beside his daughter's body.

"I was showing the boys the gun and told them not to ever play with it because it can kill someone," the father told them, the Chicago Tribune reports. "Then she (Olivia) walked in the room, and I pointed it at her and pulled the trigger, thinking it was empty."

Olivia passed away 30 minutes after being brought to the hospital.

On June 28, Hummel appeared in court where he pleaded not guilty to charges of battery, neglect and reckless homicide. If convicted, he could face anywhere between 20-40 years in prison.

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"The idea that Eric knowingly endangered any of his children is ridiculous," remarked Hummel's attorney, Paul Stracci.

Hobart Police Lt. James Gonzales, however, said the father’s actions "were neglectful and this was not an accident."

Loved ones and friends are heartbroken by the tragedy.

"Our hearts are saddened and oh so heavy by the loss of Olivia. She was a ray of sunshine at Joan Martin School," Joan Martin Elementary School said, reports the New York Daily News. "She will always be a precious memory for those who knew her because she was adorable and filled with such joy."

A friend has also since created a GoFundMe page for the family.

"Olivia Hummel was a beautiful, spunky, sparkling ray of sunshine!" the page's creator wrote.

"Please find it in your heart to contribute to this single mother and children, so they can mourn and heal in their devastating loss," the page continues. "Whatever amount you can will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!  This money is to be used for the mother and children only for their needs. RIH OLIVIA~sweet beautiful angel."

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