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D.C. Council Approves Same-Sex Marriage

After suffering setbacks from California to New York, Maine to New
Jersey, same-sex marriage supporters got a victory Tuesday with the
City Council's vote to legalize gay marriage in the District of

Only the city's mayor and Congress can stop the proposal from becoming law, but neither is expected to intervene, according to the Associated Press.

In D.C., the vote was met with enthusiasm from gay couples awaiting the decision. One supporter, Deacon Maccubbin, told reporters that he plans to finally marry his partner of more than 30 years. Another supporter, Moodie Mills, told reporters that "It's an exciting day for the district."

Not everybody was thrilled with the decision, however. Bishop Harry Jackson, who opposed the initiative, said that he was not surprised. Washington D.C. is largely Democratic, and the City Council was widely expected to vote in favor of same-sex marriage.

Nevertheless, opponents have vowed to contest the decision. One such opponent, Reverend Anthony Evans, said, "We will fight you in the courts, we will fight you in Congress, we will not let you win."

According to the AP, Same-sex couples could begin tying the knot in D.C. as early as March.


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