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Cynthia Wachenheim Dies After Jumping From Eighth-Floor Apartment With 10-Month-Old In Her Arms, Baby Survives

45-year-old Harlem mother Cynthia Wachenheim strapped her 10-month-old baby boy to her chest and jumped out an apartment window eight stories above the street. She was killed in the apparent suicide, but the little boy, Keston, somehow survived the fall. He was taken to the hospital and is believed to be in stable condition.

Steven Dominguez, 18, was walking to a grocery store with his mother when he saw Wachenheim fall.

“I heard a small scream when she was in the air, and then I heard a nasty bang,” he said. “It sounded like a big piece of wood hitting the ground.” He approached the fallen woman and saw the baby crying on the sidewalk. “I was shocked,” he said. “I couldn't believe it.”

His mom tried to pick up the child but an emergency respondent told her to stay back, reports The Daily Mail.

Neighbors heard Wachenheim arguing with her husband, 48-year-old Hal Bacharach, about two hours before she made her leap. He had already left the apartment prior to her jump. Keston is the couple’s only child together. Neighbors also said that Wachenheim was thought to have been suffering from severe postpartum depression.

It was been reported that she left an incoherent 13-page suicide note where she listed her failings as a mother. According to sources, “The note said she was not happy and she talked about what she planned to do.” In the note, she supposedly told her husband, “I'm making you suffer. You’re going to think I’m evil.”

The note also made reference to a handicap that Keston was suffering from. A law enforcement officer said that Wachenheim was convinced her son had cerebral palsy, but doctors said there was nothing wrong with him.

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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