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Cyclist Who Filmed Truck Passenger Throwing Bottle At Him Could Be Charged Himself (Video)

An Orange County, California cyclist used a camera recently to catch a passenger in a pickup truck throwing a bottle at him. While the cyclist, Bryan Larsen, figured the footage would allow him to press charges against the truck’s passenger, he was shocked to learn that he may have incriminated himself instead.

Larsen was riding his bike down a major road when he noticed a truck blowing exhaust at him every time he passed it. To catch evidence of the annoying act, Larsen switched on a camera. Sure enough, the truck rolled by moments later and blew exhaust at him. This time, a passenger in the truck threw a Gatorade bottle at him as well.

Here’s the footage:

Larsen cursed at the woman who threw the bottle and then said “That’s you on video. See you later.”

According to Orange County officials, Larsen allegedly made “rude, disparaging” comments to the truck’s passenger before turning on his phone. Those comments earned him a charge of “words in public likely to elicit a violent reaction.”

The District Attorney’s office recommends battery and assault charges against the passenger who threw the bottle.

In an interview with LA- news station KCAL, Larsen said he was terrified by the incident.

"I was in a lot of fear,” he said. “They came into the bike lane. The tires were as big as I was, and I thought they were gonna run me over…No cyclist should have to deal with that. They’re still out there and could be doing the same thing to other cyclists.”

Sources: KCAL, LAist


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