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Cut 'Em Off! Alabama Legislator Pushes Law To Castrate Child Molesters, For Second Year In A Row

For the second year in a row, an Alabama state legislator has introduced a bill that would require adult men who molest children under age 12 to have their testicles surgically removed — and pay for the procedure themselves.

"I know I have people that say that this is inhumane," said Republican State Rep. Steve Hurst (pictured), "What is inhumane is to molest a child, especially an infant. That's inhumane."

In fact, some convicted pedophiles voluntarily choose surgical castration, which they believe is the only way to stop themselves from molesting more kids when they get out of prison.

“I can tell you absolutely that it helps every male with impulse control," said Texas lawyer Paul Looney, who has been the attorney for no less than eight voluntary castrati. But though Looney says that none of those eight have re-offended, he still would not favor a law requiring the practice.

“There’s no way I would recommend it as a mandatory measurement. There’s an element of bestiality to it,” Looney told the New York Daily News. “But if it works, and if it gives them a way out of attacking another victim, then that’s a home run.”

Texas has allowed surgical castration for convicted pedophiles who request it since 1997, when serial child-rapist Larry Don McQuay asked for the procedure. Claiming that he had molested 240 children starting at the age of seven when he attempted to rape a three-year-old girl, McQuay said that cutting off his testicles was the only way to stop him, or for him to be able to control his urges.

Castrated men experience reduced sex drives and lowered feeling of hostility.
Nine states currently allow “chemical castration,” the process of suppressing a pedophile’s sex drive through drugs. In California, chemical castration becomes mandatory on a pedophile’s second offense.

Hurst’s bill failed to pass last year in Alabama. Other Republican legislators in that state have proposed alternate ways of controlling pedophiles, such as requiring a resident monitor to keep convicted offenders under surveillance in areas where several of them settle.

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