Shirtless Man Serves Sandwiches At Subway (Video)


A shirtless man serving sandwiches at a Missouri Subway restaurant had several customers concerned over the April 23-24 weekend (video below).

The incident reportedly occurred at a Subway in Festus, Missouri, KTVI reports. A half-dressed man was allegedly dancing around the restaurant and making sandwiches behind the counter.

Customers at the restaurant sent several photos and videos of the man to the news station. They expressed concern over his behavior and potential health code violations.

The incident was brought to the attention of Subway officials, and they said the man in the photos is no longer one of their employees.

"The person behind the counter that appears in the video is not a current subway sandwich shop employee and was not authorized to go behind the counter,” a Subway official said in a statement, according to KTVI. “The former employee left the shop before further action could be taken. I apologize to my guests for this unusual occurrence."

Festus police said they did not receive any complaints regarding the incident.

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Sources: KTVI, WGN-TV / Photo Credit: KTVI via YouTube

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