Customers Complain After Woman Brings Kangaroo Into McDonald's

Rich Dahl, an officer in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, was surprised at the complaint he received recently – there was a kangaroo inside a McDonald's.

The kangaroo’s owners, Larry and Diana Moyer, had their “baby” wrapped up in a blanket and sitting in an infant’s car seat.

When Dahl arrived at the scene, Mrs. Moyer explained that the kangaroo, named Jimmy, helped her deal with emotional stress due to her cancer. Mr. Moyer explained, “It’s a friend for her, a companion and we have a little car seat and stroller.”

The couple were just leaving the McDonald's when Dahl arrived. The local police department has received numerous calls about the Moyers and their unusual animals, including four other kangaroos, but they no longer live in the city so as not to pose any threat to others.

Mr. Moyer understood that the kangaroo will cause attention, especially when little Jimmy is brought in public, particularly into a McDonald's.

“Of course it does cause a lot of attention," he said, "because you don’t see a kangaroo every day, especially one out of the cage, you know?”

"He’s just a little guy, but you can touch him and pet him," he added.

After the incident, McDonald's released a statement to a local news station stating: “We are aware a customer called the authorities regarding this incident, who then investigated and took the steps to resolve the situation. Our policy is to make out restaurants accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities and special needs.”

After enjoying his Happy Meal, Jimmy rested comfortably in his baby seat.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, wisn.com

Photo Credit: New York Daily News via Associated Press


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