Red Robin Accused Of 'Stealing' From Customers


One California man is accusing popular restaurant chain Red Robin of "stealing" by charging an "entertainment fee" without explicitly telling customers first.

Dennis Trigueros explained he was charged an additional $1.99 after his children played games on a tablet the restaurant leaves at every table, reports NBC News.

"A dollar-99 makes no difference in my life. It's truly an irrelevant figure,” he said.

Rather, he was upset because Red Robin did not tell him about it before his kids used the tablet.

"Because if you take money from me and I have not consented to it that's stealing from me," Trigueros explained.

What’s more, every Red Robin customer gets a tablet. It is free for customers to order food using the tablet, but it also has an entertainment option that provides games for children.

"I think a lot of people are paying that fee and don't know it," he added.

Although it wasn’t an enormous charge, Trigueros recalls feeling  perplexed when he found the random fee on his bill.

When inspecting the tablet closer, he saw a note on it explaining there was a fee for playing games.

Yet what disturbed him was that it allows children of any age to simply make a purchase without asking their parents.

Authorities explain this is technically not legal behavior.

"For kids when they purchase anything the parent is generally not responsible," says Rigo Reyes, the chief investigator of the Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs.

"It's very important to review the bill before you pay and if you see any charge that you didn't authorize, dispute it," he added.

While the restaurant gave Trigueros a refund, the man did not feel satisfied by their response.

Instead, he hopes the restaurant will provide more transparency to customers in the future, perhaps giving a verbal warning or requiring children use a password to make a purchase.

This is not the first time Red Robin customers have complained about the entertainment fee.

A review reveals others have been criticizing it for quite some time.

“What a Crock! I can buy games and apps all day long on my iPhone for $.99 and have them forever! Red Robin I strongly suggest dumping this or customers will not return!,” wrote Josh K. in November 2015.

Sources: NBC NewsTripAdvisor / Photo credit: Jwinters via Wikimedia Commons

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