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Customer Takes Down Attempted Bank Robber

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An attempted bank robbery was thwarted by a Des Moines, Iowa, man who was trying to deposit cash when the would-be thief demanded he hand over his money.

The suspect, Laymon English, 48, walked into a U.S. Bank in Des Moines on Friday, wearing a mask, and pulled a gun on a bank teller who was assisting the heroic customer with his deposit. The customer backed away from the counter while the robber demanded that the teller hand over the cash.

Suddenly, the man approached English and knocked the gun out of his hand, then proceeded to put him in a chokehold.

“The guy choked (the suspect) out,” witness Randy Goehry told the Des Moines Register. The man kept the robber in the chokehold until authorities arrived.

English, who was unconscious when police arrived, was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. The man who apprehended him will not face criminal charges because he executed a citizen’s arrest.

“It's an arrest that any person has the right to make by Iowa Code to detain him until law enforcement arrives,” Sgt. Jason Halifax said.

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Goehry told the Register that he believed that the weapon, which he grabbed and placed on the counter after it was forced out of English’s hand, was a BB gun.

Laymon English will face robbery charges, according to police, but the exact charges depend on if the weapon was real or fake. If the gun was real or a BB gun, he will likely be charged with first degree robbery. If the weapon turns out to be fake, English will face second degree robbery charges.

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