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Domino's Worker Spotted Buying A Big Load Of Chicken (Photo)

A disgruntled shopper openly criticized Domino's restaurants after she spotted a "sheepish-looking" employee of the pizza chain buy huge of quantities of coleslaw and chicken wings from a supermarket in England. 

Caroline Foskett, 31, was purchasing items at the Aldi in Dartford, Kent, on Feb. 10 when she saw a man sporting a Domino's uniform "awkwardly wander up and down the aisles" with a cart. 

After filling his cart with chicken wings and strips, the Domino's employee was apparently waiting for Aldi staff members to restock the refrigerator with more items, reports the Daily Mail. 

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London-based Foskett claimed the Domino's representative had eight or nine boxes of chicken strips, six or seven tubs of coleslaw and a large amount of chicken wings before he put more in the cart.

A mother of two, Foskett sent Domino's a picture of its employee's purchase after seeing media reports earlier in the month of staff of the fast food chain buying a lot of bags of potato wedges at British supermarket Asda. 

The pizza delivery company claimed the employee was shopping for himself as he apparently purchased bottled water, which Domino's doesn't sell. 

Foskett commented: "No-one needs that much chicken for themselves. I just couldn't believe it when I saw him with a [cart] full of frozen chicken -- especially after the photo of the Domino's staff member stocking up on wedges last week. I thought 'as if they're doing it again.'"

She said she is reconsidering ordering her regular weekend pizzas from Domino's. She said she often spends $25 a week with the company.

"He certainly looked a bit sheepish, like he was trying to be very discreet. His [cart] was full of chicken legs and chicken strips, as well as bottles of water and about six or seven tubs of coleslaw. He had about eight or nine boxes of chicken strips and a similar amount of legs."

Domino's made the media rounds on Feb. 7 after it confessed to an employee bulk-buying Asda potato wedges and selling them for a significant markup at $5 a portion.

The worker was snapped buying around 15 two-pound bags of the potato wedges, priced at $1.25 a bag, at the supermarket, The Telegraph reported. 

The delivery chain stated a "big sporting weekend" was to blame for some of its stores not having enough supplies. 

Foskett said: "I'm not going to order there again. We even used to get the potato wedges but I'm not doing that anymore. I'll just go to the supermarket myself. You'd at least hope they would cook them fresh and make them themselves."

She noted, "We do shop at Aldi ourselves and it is good quality, but when you are paying what is technically a restaurant price, it's not fair."

A representative for Domino's stated: "Our franchisees are not authorized to buy food items from outside sources. Investigations suggest this is a colleague carrying out a personal grocery shop, reinforced by the fact we don't offer many items in the [cart]." 

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Clotee Pridgen Allochuku/Flickr, Mercury Press and Media Ltd via Daily Mail

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