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'I Started Crying': Barista Upset Over Speeding Ticket -- Until Something Amazing Happens (Video)

A Washington barista received a surprise tip, which she is calling a “gift from God" (video below).

Nicole Prather was on her way to work earlier this week in Port Orchard when she was pulled over for speeding, Q13 Fox News reported. Her penalty was a $105 ticket.

“I started crying because I didn't know how I was going to pay for that ticket,” Prather told the news station.

Prather made small talk with a customer and mentioned her rough start to the morning. The customer responded by leaving her a $105 tip.

“I was frustrated, but I didn’t tell him that,” Prather said. “I was just making conversation so I guess it was just like a gift from God or something.”

She shared the story on the Port Orchard Facebook page and it received more than 1,500 likes. Prather said she plans on paying the man’s kindness forward, even if she can’t be quite as generous as he was.  

Sources: Q13 Fox, Facebook

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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