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Customer Leaves $9,000 Tip For Wait Staff, Customers

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A few South Carolina restaurant-goers found themselves in a lucky situation on Saturday, May 9, when a customer left a $9,000 tip to be split between three waitresses and five customers.

According to Nicki Redd, the manager of the Huddle House restaurant where the incident occurred, the customer wished to be generous because it was Mother’s Day weekend.

The customer walked in, ordered several breakfast items to-go for his friends, and paid for every customer’s breakfast before leaving a sizeable tip, according to Redd. The customer reportedly requested that $800 of $9,000 be given to each of the five customers, and then the remaining $4,200 could be split between the three waitresses.

Lorenzo Legette was having breakfast with his daughter, Bridgette Legette, at the time the customer bought their meal.

“It was an exciting, unexpected moment,” Lorenzo told ABC 15. “I was thrilled it happened. I needed some money anyway, and this man came and blessed us with it, so I was very happy to get it.”

“We were happy,” his daughter Bridgette added. “We were excited. I was extremely happy. $800 is a lot of money to be happy about. We were just eating breakfast, and I didn’t believe it at first.”

Redd, however, says the lucky customers will not be able to attain their money until 90 days have passed due to the fact that the man paid with a debit card.

According to ABC15, the money might be held for 90 days due to the fact that debit and credit card owners may still dispute the purchase for weeks after the transaction.

Bridgette does not think she should have to wait that long since the man wanted to give it out because it was Mother’s Day weekend.

“He wanted the money distributed to the customers for Mother’s Day,” she said. “I don’t think that’s right because it’s not [the Huddle House’s] money.”

"Huddle House is a good place and they have good people working in there,” Lorenzo said. “I just want the people to do the right thing because we spend money every day and they just gave us a blessing.”

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