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Customer Finds Fly In Fried Chicken at KFC in London

A customer at a KFC restaurant recently discovered a dead fly lodged in one of his fried chicken wings.

Hardip Singh, 26, found the insect as he was eating lunch with a friend at one of the U.S.-based chain restaurants in East Ham, according to the Mirror.

Singh reportedly saw the fly’s legs in the breadcrumbs of the chicken piece just before he was about to take another bite of the wing.

"I'd just finished a gym session and went into KFC for something to eat,” he said. "I then bit into a chicken wing and saw something black there. It was a fly and it was a big one. I stopped eating straight away – it was horrible."

He complained to restaurant officials, who reportedly apologized for the incident and said that the insect was not a “normal fly.”

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Singh said he took the tainted chicken to the front counter and was given replacement food by restaurant employees, but he said he just wanted his money back.

"This has put me off KFC forever," said Singh, who had been a regular customer. "It's totally disgusting, you don't know where that fly's been. If I ate it I could have suffered food poisoning or even worse. The whole chicken could have been contaminated."

A fly has not been found before in a customer’s food at the East Ham KFC, said Fahad Masood, the restaurant manager.

"(The fly) might have even landed as he was walking from the counter. We contact the pest control every week to avoid such incidents,” Masood said.

A company spokesman added that the KFC store has a five of five food hygiene rating

Source: The Mirror


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