A car salesman's recent test drive with a female customer went horribly wrong in Hawaii.

The test drive included profanity and racial insults by the customer, which were recorded on a cell phone video (below) by the unidentified car salesman, notes Jalopnik.com.

"I didn't appreciate the way you're speaking to me," the customer said after the salesman told her to slow down on her test drive. "You should've just minded your f----- business."

"I asked you to slow down because you were doing 70 in a 35, ma'am," countered the salesman.

"And I do this all the f----- time!" yelled the customer.

After the salesman requested to go back to the car lot, the customer ripped him again.

"You better shut the f-- up already, I said I'm taking you back," the customer growled. "Shut the f-- up! Just shut the f--- up!"

The customer also called the salesman a "haole," which is an insult for white people not born in Hawaii.

After the salesman objected to her racial name calling, the customer fired back, "I am not f----- prejudiced, you f---- a------."

According to DamonTucker.com

A friend of mine said “this happened yesterday (3/22/14) at my car lot. The guy on the test drive is my co-worker. He posted this video to youtube this morning and is going viral all over the internet.”

My friend went on to say, “We know the lady is a former customer of ours and has bought several cars from us prior. We are 95% sure we know her identity, but the salesman working the sale failed to obtain a copy of her driver’s license, so we’re not 100% positive.“

Sources: Jalopnik.com and DamonTucker.com


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