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Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanted By the New Orleans Police

Cuba Gooding Jr., known for his family-friendly movie roles, didn’t act so PG in a New Orleans bar. More like R -- maybe even NC-17.

Following a physical altercation of some type at The Old Absinthe House this morning at 3 a.m. (nothing ever good happens at the Old Absinthe House after 2 a.m.), the New Orleans police issued an arrest warrant for the 44-year-old actor after he shoved a bartender.

Gooding is currently in New Orleans for the film, “The Butler.”

While at the Bourbon Street bar, several people in the bar began taking pictures of him. Apparently not in the mood for a photo op, Gooding allegedly cursed at the photo snappers and then twice shoved a female bartender when she asked him to leave the bar.

No arrest was made at the scene, but a warrant for misdemeanor battery is now out for the actor.

Gooding’s publicist declined any comment.


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