CSU Monterey Bay Police Officer Faces Termination For Not Using Excessive Force


A CSU Monterey Bay Police officer may be out of a job after he opted not to use a stun gun on a student who had attempted suicide and was in need of medical attention.

The Monterey Herald reported that when officers arrived to the scene, they discovered the student in a bloody room surrounded by a knife and a hammer. Authorities say that his sweater was burned from an attempt to light himself on fire. The student wasn’t holding the weapons when officers arrived.

“He was clearly a danger to himself and he was in crisis,” Police chief Edmundo Rodriguez said. “We were trying to keep him from accessing the weapons or leave, to get him medical attention.”

While officials with the Statewide University Police Association said that they believe the officer, who has not been named, was using “civilized methods to resolve a situation,” Rodriguez and the Marina Police Department believe he should have used force to subdue the student and control the situation.

“Our officer did not believe he was any threat at all,” Union president Jeff Solomon said. Solomon said that other officers on the scene used a stun gun on the student, but the officer in question did not. “He never engaged and he just stood there and watched,” Rodriguez said.

The officer did eventually use his taser on the student after he attempted to run away.

CSU has yet to comment on the case, and an investigation is currently underway. The school says that the case is “much more complex than was conveyed” in the press release sent out by the union.

Source: The Monterey Herald / Photo Credit: ksbw.com, Wikipedia


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