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Crying Cop Gives Gun to Stranger, Asking Him to Shoot Wounded Deer

When a deer leaps across the road and gets pegged by the car, it is up to the local government to make sure that the animal is not suffering on the side of the road — assuming that they have got the stomach for it. According to one eyewitness, a tearful Virginia police officer handed his firearm to a civilian and asked him to shoot a wounded deer.

Jerry Anderson, a Virginia homeowner, told reporters that an accident outside of home left a deer clinging to life on the side of the road. Officers arrived on the scene, but by then it was clear that the deer was too badly wounded and needed to be put out of its misery.

I went inside to get my gun, and when I came out, my wife told me that [the officer] said he couldn’t do it," Anderson said. "She said he had tears in his eyes, and he handed his gun to a stranger — his loaded gun. There were 10 to 12 people standing around, and there were two big guys there. One of them said they had a permit in Ohio, but they didn’t have it with them, and [the officer] gave his weapon to [the man] to shoot the deer. You should never hand your weapon to a person in a crowd.”

The civilian did the deed, but the trouble was just beginning for the weepy police officer. The Richmond Police are currently investigating the incident and claim that if the allegations are true, then the officer could face disciplinary actions. Handing the gun to a stranger is not illegal, but it is a violation of police protocol.

The investigators likely won’t receive a beaming account from Anderson.

“I just couldn’t believe that an officer who is supposed to protect people was crying and couldn’t do it and then he handed his loaded gun to a stranger to shoot the deer in front of a crowd of people," the homeowner stated. "[The officer] didn’t disperse the crowd first or anything.”

Police need to be prepared to put a bullet into a criminal, but apparently shooting a dying deer was too much for this Virginia officer.

What are your thoughts? Do you find it heartwarming that the police officer was touched by the deer’s suffering? Do you think that he needs to lay off watching Bambi reruns and do his job?

Source: Courier Online


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