Cruz: If Trump Wins Nomination, Clinton Gets Presidency


Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said during an interview that if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will win the presidency.

“In all likelihood, we’re going to go to a contested convention,” Cruz said. “I believe Donald’s highest total will be on that first ballot, and he will go steadily down.” Cruz then expressed his belief that a Trump nomination would mean victory for the former Secretary of State.

“If Donald is the nominee, Hillary Clinton wins, and she wins by double-digits,” he said, The Hill reported. “The stakes are too high for us to hand the election to Hillary Clinton, which is what nominating Donald Trump would do. I don’t believe that Donald is going to be the nominee.”

Cruz also addressed Trump’s recent complaints about the rules of the primary process being rigged and fixed. He attributed Trump’s complaints to his campaign losing steam.

“Donald is not a complicated man to understand. He doesn’t handle losing well. We’ve won five states in a row in landslides over and over and over again,” he said. 

“The reason we’re winning state after state is an army of the grassroots rising up.”

During the Good Morning America interview, according to RawStory, Cruz was asked questions by audience members in a town hall setup. One question in particular, from a gay Republican, made headlines.

“I’ve noticed a lot of religious freedom laws and somewhat institutionalized discrimination laws happening around the country,” restaurant owner Todd Calogne said to Cruz during the town hall. “What would you as president do to protect me and my husband?”

Cruz assured Calogne that such laws were there to protect all citizens.

“Religious liberty, it applies to Jews, it applies to Christians, it applies to Muslims, it applies to atheists,” Cruz replied. “And all of us, we want to live in a world where we don’t have the government dictating our beliefs, dictating how we live. We have a right to live according to our faith, according to our conscience.

And we shouldn’t have a right to force others to give up their faith and give up their belief. And I think that keeping government out of the way of your lives protects the freedom of every one of us.”

Sources: The Hill, Raw Story / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia

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