Man Drags Dog Behind Car, Authorities Do Nothing


A pet owner was caught dragging his dog behind his car, and police reportedly did nothing about it.

The incident was photographed in Topeiros Municipality, Xanti, Greece, and shows the dog being dragged by a rope from behind a car. The driver continued moving for several miles, despite witnesses taking photos and reporting it to the police.

After the incident was reported, authorities announced the driver wouldn’t face consequences for his actions, saying the dog had already died and that the owner was just on his way to bury it. Police identified the driver, Hero Viral reported, but said there was no reason for them to arrest him.

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The photos quickly went viral and sparked outrage among people across social media.

“This is horrible!" one viewer commented on Shared’s Facebook page. "Even if this poor little dog were dead already, why would anyone with half a brain drag its body down the street! This person who is driving this vehicle has to be a cold, heartless human being! Deserves to be treated just the way he treated this dog!”

“This is horrible my heart breaks seeing thinks like this," another wrote, noting "animal cruelty has increased so bad, if you don't want the animal don't get the animal in the first place let someone else get it, anything someone does to an animal to abuse them needs the same thing done them, dogs give all the love they have to humans even when they are abused, do the right thing and love your animal.”

Some readers said they witnessed animal cruelty in person while spending time in Greece.

“I was in Athens and Santorini and there were many starving dogs and people would kick them out of their way," one commenter said. "People yelled at me when I tried to feed them or give them water. It's like this in many countries- dogs are treated like rodents.”

According to reports, it was only in 2014 that a Greek citizen was ever given a prison sentence for animal cruelty. In that case, a man was fined $5,600 and sentenced to a year in prison for tying his dog to his motorcycle and dragging it around. 

The dog was saved by a group of young people and placed in the care of a local animal welfare organization, according to Greek Reporter. 

Sources: Hero Viral, Shared/Facebook, Greek Reporter / Photo credit: Hero Viral

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