Crowds Turn Against Cops Twice In Brooklyn After Possible Police Brutality (Video)

A crowd of people recently yelled at police in Brooklyn after officers pulled a man out of his car for possibly double-parking (video below).

The video was originally posted on Facebook by Stephanie Genaro.

PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com reports that police beat the unidentified man, and there do appear to be some punches thrown early in the video, but it's not conclusive. However, the bystanders clearly turn on the police.

Later in the video, a passenger who filmed the incident says that the driver was double-parked while trying to buy chicken, but was told to leave a store by an employee.

In another video (below) filmed in Brooklyn, several police officers try to detain a suspect in a Target store, but after the cops appear to swing their fists at the suspect, bystanders turn on the officers, reports The Free Speech Project.

More police arrive and the scene grows more chaotic.

Sources: PhotographyIsNotACrime.com, Facebook, The Free Speech Project / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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