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Crowd Watches Man Beaten Unconscious in Chicago Alley

An unidentified man was beaten unconscious in Chicago on Sunday morning in front of a crowd of people after trying to get his cellphone back from a robber.

The man and his male friend had their cell phones stolen while they were waiting at the Belmont subway station.

They chased the thieves into a nearby alley. One of the robbers escaped, but the two victims held the other thief while police were en route, reports

According to Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Erin Antonietti, Morgan Townsend and Deondre Williams (pictured) arrived moments later, said the thief was a "friend" and allegedly attacked the victims.

During the fight, 15 to 20 people surrounded one victim, not to help, but to watch as Williams and Townsend reportedly pummeled him.

"He was knocked out, completely," said an unidentified witness. "He was on the ground, right by the alley. One guy hit him in the face, and another guy kicked him. It looked like he was going to die or something."

When the witness went to help the victim, Williams and Townsend left the scene.

Williams and Townsend were arrested soon after the brutal beating and charged with several counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, robbery and mob action.



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