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Crossing The Line? Mom Punches Daughter In Face For Having Sex In Her House

A video of a mom punching her teenage daughter in the face is making its way around the internet today. The video, first posted on World Star Hip Hop, shows a mother punching her daughter after accusing the girl of having sex in her house.

On the video, the mother calls her daughter “b*tch” twice while accusing her of sleeping with someone in her home. She then punches her daughter in the face.

The video has sparked a debate in comment sections around the web over whether the mom crossed a line by punching her daughter or whether the move was in line with her rights as a parent.

Some say the punch is acceptable if that’s what the mother felt was an appropriate punishment. Other say the move is clearly excessive and shows a lack of restraint on the mother’s behalf.

Watch the video and let us know what you think:

Sources: World Star Hip Hop


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