65-Year-Old Crossing Guard Loses Job For Very Strange Reason (Video)

A crossing guard lost her job recently after she appeared in a music video for the indie band Born Ruffians.

In the video, crossing guard Kathleen Byers, 65, dances to the Born Ruffians song “Oh Cecilia.” At one point, Byers is wearing her crossing guard vest and holding her stop sign as she dances. Apparently this really irked her supervisors, because she was suspended without pay shortly after the video’s release.

Byers said she received a letter from the Toronto Police Department saying "The allegations are you wore your police issued equipment for a purpose other than prescribed in the Toronto Police Service rules and procedures.”

Here is the music video that got Byers in trouble:

Byers, who was adored by kids for the light hearted dancing she was known to do on the job as well, decided to quit her job after the indefinite suspension.

“I can’t believe it came to that, but I had to make a choice,” she said. “I’d rather leave on a high note.”

Byers can’t help but feel that her punishment for the dancing doesn’t fit any crime.

“I wasn’t twerking or wearing a thong for God’s sake,” she said. “It’s a sad world when you just can’t enjoy life and not take everything so seriously.”

The children at Byers' old school will miss not just a fun crossing guard, but a safe one, too.

“I’ve never had a child hurt in 10 and a half years,” she said. “The thing I’m very proud of is I’ve never sat on a chair, read a book, played with a phone, leaned against a fence and waved the kids across. I’ve always gone on the road, watched [traffic] to a T.

“I’m as safe as they can be. I just happen to move to the beat of a different drummer maybe.”

Sources: National Post, Huffington Post


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