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Crook's Arm Torn Off After Failed Robbery

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The arm of a 17-year-old robber was severed after the teen was hit by a car on Feb. 12.

The robber Zachary Sam reportedly arranged to meet up with seller Philippe Pierre in Brooklyn, New York, to purchase a pair of Air Jordan 8 Retro sneakers for $490. When the two met, Sam got inside Pierre's car, pulled out gun and demanded the shoes for free, the New York Post reports.

Pierre stepped on the gas pedal but Sam jumped out and began to flea. Instead of speeding away, Pierre turned his car around and drove after the crook, running him over.

Sam was pinned to a fence and his arm was ripped off.

"I saw a kid under a car," witness Alex Saint Fleur said.

“The guy ran him over. He got out, the driver said, ‘He’s trying to rob me. He’s trying to rob me,'" Fleur added. “I saw the gun on the floor. The arm was on the floor near the gun.”

Sam then got up and ran into a bus, as people screamed for him to come back due to the severe bleeding.

He eventually got off the bus and began running, before he ultimately collapsed.

Sam was taken to a nearby hospital, where he remains in serious, but stable, condition. He was charged with criminal possession of a firearm and second degree robbery.

Pierre, 39, was also arrested and charged with second-degree attempted murder.

"The kid pulled out the gun to shoot him while he was in the car, and that's when he tried to protect himself," a relative of Pierre said.

"That's why he accelerated and that's when it happened." 

It is not yet clear as to what happened to Sam's arm.

Sources: New York Post, NBC New York / Photo credit: New York Post

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