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Cristina Zenato Sticks Hand Down Shark's Mouth to Remove Hook (Video)

Sharks are often demonized in the media as cold-blooded killers roaming the sea in search of humans to eat.

In reality, the reverse is actually true.

According to, about twelve people are killed by sharks per year, but 38 million sharks are killed every year by fishermen for their fins.

For a good comparison, check out this graphic below by

This deadly practice is called "finning" and it involves cutting off a shark's fin and then tossing the shark back into the ocean where it will surely die.

The shark fins are a delicacy in Asia, where many people believe the fins have magical healing powers.

However, Cristina Zenato from the Bahamas saves sharks by sticking her hand inside their mouths and removing the fishing hooks (video below).

"In my daily work and dives with sharks, I am always removing their hooks. In this particular case, it was harder then usual. After putting the shark in tonic, I had to pull it from deep inside," says Zenato on the video's YouTube page.

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