Car Chase Suspect Jumps Into Lake And Finds A Surprise


A suspect involved in a car chase tried to dodge authorities by jumping into a Houston area lake. What he didn’t know was it was filled with alligators.

On March 28, a man was rescued from a lake in Montgomery County after diving into the body of water to avoid arrest. It all began when the police received numerous reports of an erratic driver hitting several cars in Harris County, Texas, according to the Montgomery County Pct. 3 Constable’s Office.

When the suspect entered the constable’s office’s jurisdiction on Interstate 45, deputies gave chase, reports KTRK. The chase eventually ended and police confiscated a firearm from the scene and arrested two people.

Authorities say the suspect ran off into a wooded area with large lakes. He was found seeking refuge from alligators on an island in the middle of the lake. Police used a boat from a local fire department to retrieve the man from the island.

The suspect faces numerous charges including DUI, multiple counts of failure to stop and give information, and evading arrest. Police say the unnamed suspect is a convicted felon and said he was released from prison nine months ago.

Also in the Houston area on March 28, a different high-speed car chase suspect jumped into a river to get away from police, reports KTRK. Authorities had to rescue the Houston man after he couldn’t get out of the Brazos River.

Sources: KTRK (2) / Photo credit: Michael Minasi/The Courier via KTRK

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