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Police Looking For Man With Forehead Tattoo (Photo)

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Police Looking For Man With Forehead Tattoo (Photo) Promo Image

A man on the run from the police has some distinctive tattoos -- including his social security number across his forehead -- that may prevent him from being as anonymous as he might like while eluding authorities.

Police in Harris County, Texas, are searching for Robert Charles Wooten, whom they describe as a career criminal linked to at least six armed robberies in the area, reports KIAH.

Wooten, 40, has previously been charged with indecent exposure, aggravated robbery, burglary, violating a protective order due to violence and various drug-related charges.

In addition to his social security number on his forehead, Wooten also has "713," the area code for the Houston area, tattooed across his neck.

Wooten is being sought on charges of stealing cigarettes from an Oak Forest convenience store on two separate occasions in 2017, according to the Harris County Constable's Office.

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Investigators say that on Oct. 15, 2017, Wooten was one of a group of customers waiting outside when the store reopened after a cash register had temporarily malfunctioned.

According to court documents, Wooten followed the employee inside and started asking suspicious questions.

Wooten then allegedly lifted his shirt to reveal a firearm tucked into his waistband.

"You care about your life?" Wooten asked, according to court documents.

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He then made off with cartons of various brands of cigarettes.

Authorities say Wooten returned to the store on Nov. 4, 2017, and robbed the store again, making off with more boxes of cigarettes.

Using the Houston criminal database, the constable's deputy was able to search for and positively identify Wooten by the characteristic tattoos on his forehead and neck.

"They're calling this guy 'Social Security' [because of the forehead tattoo]," Houston Police investigator Frank Heenan told KPRC. "He's notorious."

In July 2017, Wooten was charged with indecent exposure after he exposed his genitals to someone, reports the Star-Telegram. He pleaded guilty, but could now face additional charges the next time he appears in court.

In addition to the convenience store cigarette robberies, Wooten is being sought in connection with four separate armed robberies that occurred between Dec. 25 and Dec. 30, 2017, at Houston area businesses, including local pawn stores, a Walgreens and a Family Dollar. No injuries have been reported in any of the incidents.

In November 2017, authorities in central California faced a similar manhunt when prison inmate Corey Hughes, who has a distinctive skull face tattoo, walked away from a roadside work crew that was working near Stockton. Hughes was caught a month later.

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