Criminal Justice Student Abie Kyle Ikhinmwin Arrested For Waiting at a Bus Stop (Video)


Abie Kyle Ikhinmwin, a criminal justice student at the University of Texas at San Antonio, can now say from experience that the system is in need of reform. The 25-year-old was unjustly arrested and brutally treated by police at a bus stop—and captured it all on video.

Recently, Ikhinmwin was waiting at the bus stop with her bike on her way to the grocery store, filming a San Antonio Police Department speed trap she admired to share with her friends, when a cop told her she was a traffic hazard, KENS 5 news reports. The officer told her she had to move her bike from the driveway leading into a shopping center.

The student complied and moved inside the curb with her bike. But the cop continued to harass her while she filmed on her cell phone.

“What’s the traffic violation? I’m 12 inches from the curb. Am I not 12 inches within the curb?” Ikhinmwin asks.

“No m’aam. It’s not the curb,” the office responds.

“OK. What is it?”

“Let me see some ID, please. Let me see some ID.”


Ikhinmwin refuses to show the police her identification. The officer then says he is going to arrest Ikhinmwin.  

“You can’t just arrest me for sitting at a bus stop,” Ikhinmwin says.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” the officer responds. “M’aam, you’re going to go to jail, that’s what's going to happen. You’re already going to jail.”

“OK. I’m recording this. Keep talking.”

Ikhinmwin says she suffered severe bruises during the scuffle to put her in the squad car—where she was eventually dragged by her hair.

Four hours after being taken into custody, officers pinned Ikhinmwin with the charge of failure to identify to a police officer.

“I think there was somebody there that certainly seemed to be failing to obey the police officer's orders," said SAPD Sgt. Javier Salazar in response to Ikhinmwin’s claims that she suffered what she called a “Nigerian nightmare.”

But Ikhinmwin recalled the incident in no uncertain terms.

“I’ve never been so dehumanized in my life,” she told KENS 5.

Ikhinmwin’s bike, books and computer were confiscated. The officer threatened that if Ikhinmwin pressed charges she wouldn’t get her belongings back. The student is pressing charges regardless.

Sources: KENS 5


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