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Criminal Escapes Arrest Only To Run Right Into the Police Station

Police in Fife, Washington say that a criminal trying to escape arrest wound up mistakenly running right into the front door of the police station.

According to reports, the 50-year-old man, who had a federal drug warrant, was staying at a motel when police approached him outside the room. U.S. Marshalls had notified local authorities that the man may be in their city, so they set up a surveillance of the motel that he was registered at.

The man was tossing a trash bag in the dumpster when police approached him, and he immediately took off running. He ran next to the hotel to a 6-foot fence and jumped over it to escape. Little did he know that right over the other side of that fence, next door to the motel, sat the police station.

“The problem was the fence he jumped over led into the driveway to the police station,” said Fife Police Department Lt. Tom Thompson. “He was running right to the front door.”

When the man literally ran into the police station, officers came outside and arrested him on the spot.

FBI statistics show an overall increase in crime in Washington state just last year.


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