Crime-Ridden Camden, New Jersey Shuts Down Police Department

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Despite a high crime rate, the city of Camden, New Jersey plans to eliminate its police department due to a budget deficit.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the city plans to lay off a force of 270 police officers and use a county unit to guard the streets instead.

The layoffs are a repeat of what occurred in the city last year when 167 cops received a pink slip.

According to reports, the dwindling police force already faced rising crime rates, forcing them to ignore trivial crimes like thefts and vandalism. Relatively minor car accidents were left ignored.

NPR says the city is already set to break records for highest number of murders and shootings.

The plan was created in order to save millions the city desperately needs but critics are wondering if there are questionable motives as well. Besides saving millions, FOX News claims that the plan could be an indirect attack on unions due to Camden County police lacking collective bargaining power.

With layoffs beginning this month, few will be able to count on receiving a job with the county. By the end of the year, the force will be non-existent.


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