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Serial Tickler Still On the Loose In Boston (Video)

A masked man in Boston is allegedly breaking into homes and tickling people.

Boston Police are investigating three break-ins early Tuesday morning involving the serial tickler.

David Master told WCVB that he heard one of his roommates screaming.

"He felt something on his foot and thought it was the cat," Master said. "He woke up to see a man crouched by his bed."

Master said he and his roommates did not pursue the intruder and that he had apparently entered their home through an unlocked door.

“I haven’t heard of any girls that have had the issue, but he has broken into this house now; this would be his third time breaking into this house,” said a female neighbor.

A Boston College student who did not want to be identified said the masked man crept into his off-campus home several weeks ago.

"There was a man in the room with a ski mask," he said. "We made eye contact and he immediately left, and ran downstairs and out the front door. It's definitely a very scary experience turning over and seeing someone in my room."

Police say all of the targets have been men. Nothing has been reported stolen from any of the homes.

Sources: WCVB, WWLP


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