Creepy Porcelain Dolls Show Up In Front Of 11 Family Homes (Video)


Prepare to be spooked.

Police in Orange County, California were alarmed last week when 11 families came forward saying porcelain dolls had been placed on their doorsteps. The strangest part? The dolls allegedly resembled the young girls living in each of the homes.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Jeff Hallock spoke about the eerie dolls this week.

“Obviously, there’s an indication by some the parents that the dolls resemble their daughters,” Hallock said. “We’re talking about children here. Anything that has the potential to involve children causes us some concern.”

Hallock went on to say the whole incident was “creepy and very unusual.”

One mother who had a doll placed on her door step said the story sounded like something out of movie.

“You don’t hear or see anything like that,” the mom told KTLA. “Only in the movies.”

Parents took extra caution this week and reminded their children not to engage with strangers. The ordeal is even more concerning since the families live in a gated community. Whoever placed the dolls in front of their homes is likely a neighbor.

This week, one of the families helped bust the mystery by realizing that many of the targeted families attend the same church. Police contacted a woman the families thought could be behind the gesture, and she confessed to doing it. She told police she meant no harm by dropping off the dolls, and was only trying to get rid of her collection.

Police said the woman’s actions were not criminal, but instead were just a very, very disturbing way to get rid of some dolls. 

Source: KTLA, MailOnline


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