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Creepy Image Stokes Fear Online (Photo)

An eerie painting has grabbed the internet's attention, as users start to notice more and more disturbing details.

The image seems like a normal scene of a diner at first, but on a closer look, internet users have started to notice small details that add up to a chilling whole. One of the first things that catches the eye is the shape of a skull in the cup of coffee.

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The artist behind the picture is Jeff Lee Johnson, a freelance illustrator who painted the illustration for Fantasy Flight Games' "The Investigators of Arkham Horror: Tales of Adventure and Madness," BuzzFeed reports.

Some other creepy details in the painting are a bloody handprint on the bathroom door, the ant-covered tabletop in the foreground, and the waitress cutting a pie that looks like it's bleeding.

The mother in the photo is also holding her son with what appears to be a tentacle for an arm, and a man in the background is eating his food with strange tentacles coming from his face. The man reading the newspaper in the image seems to have gills, and the food on his plate is actually an eyeball and some fingers.

One of the most eerie details is what isn't fully seen: behind the waitress, a creature's tentacles peek out from under a table, cloaked in darkness. There is also a set of mysterious tentacles moving down the diner, toward the viewer.

Johnson said that the day he started working on the illustration, he took his family to a "local rail car diner for lunch and some reference photos."

"I always loved images like this as a kid," said the illustrator. "Ones that have a lot of content hidden in plain sight."

"I can't think of anything scarier than a slow dawning that things are not what they initially seemed," he added.

Johnson said that it struck him "as wicked fun to put a twist" to the family meals that the image seems at first to represent.

In another story about a creepy picture going viral online, a boyfriend posted a photo with his girlfriend that had something very wrong with it, Maxim reports.

In the image, the couple is posing in front of a mirror -- both are facing the camera, so their heads should be seen from the back in the mirror's reflection. However, the image shows the girl in the mirror facing toward the camera as well, which sent some Twitter users into a panic.


The boyfriend had likely used a digital-editing program to manipulate the image, making a visual pun on his girlfriend's sign, Gemini -- which is usually represented as twins.

Sources: BuzzFeed, Maxim / Photo credit: Waferboard/Flickr, Fantasy Flight Games via BuzzFeed

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