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Creepy? A Lingerie Line for 4-Year-Old Girls

A French company has dreamed up a lingerie line for little girls as young as four; the idea and the advertising for it has predictably come under fire.

The website Fashionista reports that the Jours Apres Lunes lingerie line is aimed at girls ages 4-12. The ads show girls all sexed-up in their bras and underwear wearing make-up and other accessories for which they are far too young.

"It's inappropriate to sexualize children," fashion writer Marilisa Racco the New York Daily News. Racco said the actual clothing line is not the problem -- it is the advertising and the age of the girls.

"It's cute when a little girl dresses up in her mom's clothing and jewelry and high heels," she said. "These pictures are not cute. It's entirely inappropriate to put a 4-year-old in a bouffant like she's Brigitte Bardot in "And God Created Woman."

She added, "A pearl-encrusted triangle bra on a little girl does not sit well with me."

However Luis Paredes, the publisher of the Lingerie Journal didn't see much of a problem, saying only provincial Americans, not liberal Europeans, will likely have an issue.

"Recently, a lot of fashion magazines and fashion brands have come under fire for using kids in their photo spreads," he said. "I think that at least here stateside, this company will come under fire as well."

Paredes was referring to the recent outcry against French Vogue for featuring 10-year-old model Thylane Loubry Blondeau in its pages in questionable, very adult poses.


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