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Creator of Horrifying Crab-Turkey-Octopus Hybrid Calls Dish 'Delicious'

The Cthurkey, a surreal looking poultry and seafood Christmas dish, became well known over the weekend after a picture of it went viral on Reddit and Twitter.

Texas-based database administrator and Cthurkey creator Rusty Eulberg said he had just wanted to create something unique for Christmas dinner two years ago. He was inspired by his wife’s interest in the H.P. Lovecraft creature Cthulhu, and decided to replicate it for dinner.

“We went and bought some crab legs and some octopus and bacon and cooked them all separate and slapped them together on a plate,” Eulberg said, “and that was it.”

When his dinner guests arrived for Christmas dinner, they were initially revolted by the unsettling sight, which Eulberg admitted is the universal reaction to the dish.

"I think that's kinda cool that no single food item causes the disgust, but arrange them all on the plate ... and people literally recoiled from the photo,” Eulberg said.

His friends finally tried the Cthurkey and were surprised to find it delicious.

Eulberg has gone on to create a Cthicken and said the might “fry the whole damned thing” next year.

Sources: LA Times, Gawker


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