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Creative Job Seeker Makes a "Resume Bar," Gets Employed Immediately

With the job market growing increasingly competitive, people are left to either come up with more creative ways to get an employer’s attention, or sit back and hope that luck will step in.

One man didn’t want to wait around for luck, and created what is possibly the most unique resume ever by printing it on the wrapper of a candy bar.

Called the “Resume Bar,” Nick recreated the wrapper of a Crunch bar by listing his credentials in a creative way. It seems to capture all of the elements a typical resume does, but instead of simply throwing it away when they’re done reading it, employers can eat it.

He made 12 of these bars and submitted them to job openings. It captured the attention of one employer, who hired him in the marketing department at sports site Sportsvite.

On the company’s site, a description reads:

“Sportsvite is an online community for adult recreation athletes, allowing them to meet their fellow sports enthusiasts in their area and providing them with a platform to manage their rec sports teams.”

It was not just the idea of a resume bar that likely captured the employer’s attention, but the detail Nick put into it. When it was uploaded to Reddit by his friend, users were quick to point out that the “random” numbers of the UP code were likely not random numbers at all, as it seemed to indicate Nick’s date of birth and age.

After people started discussing it, he stepped in and confirmed the code was his birthday, but the number “32” wasn’t his age, it was his favorite number.

Under the ingredients, Nick listed his special skills, like “business analysis” and “copywriting.” Under “Questions or Comments?” he wrote his email and phone number.

The bar says it is the serving size of “1 career” and has an “Edu. Level” of an “MBA.”

In the nutrition section, he lists the percentages of his traits, including “work ethic, creativity, and motivation,” all of which are 100%.

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