Create a New Slogan for the Pork Board


Stephen & Claire Farnsworth/cc by 2.0

The National Pork Board, in an attempt to change the image of pork, is dropping its 25-year-old slogan, "Pork: The Other White Meat," for its new propaganda theme, "Pork: Be Inspired." The only thing this campaign is inspiring in me is my gag reflex.

So considering the way that the pig industry treats these gentle, intelligent animals, we thought we would come up with some more, shall we say, appropriate slogans for the board, and we want you to join in. Here are a few of ours to get you started. Post your slogans by commenting, and give the National Pork Board your best shot.

Pork: Inspiring Heart Disease

Pork: Be Infested

Pork: The Other Diseased Meat

Pork: Put Down the Fork

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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