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Crazy Video: Antelope Attacks Mountain Biker

South African mountain biker Evan van der Spuy was racing through the KwaZulu-Natal province when he was ambushed by a Red Hartebeest, a large antelope found in southern Africa that can weigh up to 330 pounds (video below).

The attack was filmed by biker Travis Walker who was riding behind the victim. Despite Walker shouting "watch the buck," Van der Spuy was blindsided by the animal.

Van der Spuy later wrote on Twitter that there was no lasting injury: "Just saw the footage that put me in hospital with a very stiff neck take my hat off to @traviswalkermtb you got some good camera skills man.".

The end of the video shows the damage done to Van der Spuy's helmet with the message: "This is why you wear a helmet."


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