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Crazy A**holes! Cops Curse Out Kids on School Bus (Video)

A Dalton, Ga. school bus driver was at the end of her rope when she pulled over and told her rowdy riders she would call the police. Reinforcement promptly came, in the form of two cursing police officers.

The Nov. 11 talking-to is captured on video.

"You want to act like a bunch of hellions and she can't f****** focus on what she's doing," Officer John Gurrieri told students.

Officer Steven Collins used a swear word when talking to a student off the bus, while Officer Gurrieri continued his cursing tirade with the rest of the kids.

"You want to act like crazy a**holes, do it at home," Gurrieri can be heard saying. "You think it's f****** funny when you're all hurt or someone else is hurt.”

Both officers, who had no previous complaints against them, were suspended without pay for two days and received written reprimands. They must also complete 40 hours of community service to support local youth programs, as well as training on “verbal communication.”

"The officers are very remorseful. They understand what impact this has had on their reputation. They understand what impact this has on the credibility of the agency," said Dalton Police Chief Jason Parker.

He called the officers’ handling of the situation a "serious mistake of judgment."

While Gurrieri has only been on the police force for a year, Collins is a seven-year veteran.

Parker said that while the police department usually doesn’t make officers’ bad behavior public, “it seemed appropriate to inform the community about what happened and what actions we have taken,” CBS Atlanta reported.

According to WRCB, a parent promptly complained about the incident after hearing about it from her child. The bus driver, who works for a company contracted by Dalton public schools for transportation, is no longer employed there.

Sources: WXIA, CBS Atlanta, WRCB


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