Crazed Woman Runs Over Lover Who Jilted Her, Hitting Him 3 Times With Car (Video)


A man in New Zealand yesterday told his partner that he was leaving her. The possible reason quickly became evident. Within moments she got into her car and ran him over. Not just once, but three times.

Then she plunged her car into a nearby river, with herself still in it.

Both members of the not-so-happy couple survived the bizarre incident that started in the parking lot of a Hamilton, NZ, supermarket. Neither one has been named publicly, but the man was treated for injures to his head and legs.

The nature of the woman’s injuries after her river plunge were not revealed, but witnesses said she had cuts on her face.

The incident was caught on surveillance footage, seen below. A still image from the footage is above.

It was a little before noon outside Merv’s Superette when teenager Kanj Patel head a loud argument between a man and a woman. The 15-year-old told the New Zealand Herald that he heard the man say he was leaving the woman

Whether the two are married, just lovers, or in some other sort of relationship is not yet known.

The woman then got in her car and ran the man down.

"The first time we thought it was just an accident but then the second time we knew it wasn’t,” the young witness said.

A bystander tried to stop the attack, but the woman, said to be 44-years-old, drove away. Witnesses say she then drove about a mile down the road to a cliff overlooking the Waikato River—and drove straight off.

“It didn’t look like she was trying to stop,” said Jahmaine Kati, a witness taking a swim in the river as he saw the car fly off the cliff.

But if the plunge was suicide attempt, the woman may have had second thoughts because Kati said she got herself out of the car before it sank.

Police were already alerted and arrived quickly to rescue the woman, with help from a passing kayaker.

They say that she has been released from the hospital and is now undergoing psychological evaluation.

SOURCES: New Zealand Herald,


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