Home Resident Shoots Man Who Masturbated On Woman's Balcony, Stole Her Dog


A scary series of break-ins in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on Sunday night ended with an intruder being shot by a homeowner and detained by the police.

The trouble started when a homeowner spotted Angel Suarez Medero on her second-floor balcony masturbating. After the woman spotted Medero, he broke into her apartment through the sliding glass door and picked up her dog. A confrontation ensued, but Medero ultimately jumped off of her balcony with the dog and fled.

Moments later, Medero broke into an apartment on the first floor of the building, NBC Philadelphia reports. A fight ensued between Medero and the apartment residents. One of the residents shot Medero, but he continued fighting them after he was shot. Police were called at some point during the scuffle and arrived before Medero could run again. He was arrested.

Medero remains in the hospital in critical condition from the gunshot wound. Police have not yet identified a motive for the break-ins, and say they don’t believe he knew the residents of either apartment. No one besides Medero was injured during the incident.

Upon his release from the hospital, Medero will be charged with burglary, assault and other offenses. The apartment resident who shot him will not be charged.

Sources: NBC Philadelphia, Philly.com / Photo Credit: Bensalem Police Department, Wikimedia Commons


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