Man Beheads Elderly Woman With Machete

An elderly London woman was the victim of a brutal murder yesterday.

According to London Police, a man identified as Nicholas Salvadore was arrested for the beheading of Palmira Silva, 82, in her backyard. Salvadore was arrested by police moments after the murder.

The London Evening Standard describes Salvadore as "a 25-year-old would-be cage fighter who is believed to be a Muslim convert."

The incident started when a crazed Salvadore was seen running through backyards in Edmonton, London. He allegedly beheaded several cats with a machete, and was heard screaming out “the cats have stolen my lighter.” Salvadore also smashed several car windows, Mirror reports.

Police were called and people fled their homes as Salvadore’s rampage continued. But before the elderly Silva could escape her property, Salvadore spotted her and attacked. Police later found her decapitated body in her backyard.

@FredSanford13@fitz_henry first pics of fat nick "Nicholas Salvadore" pic.twitter.com/2WXqTX5Hw6

— Arkanon (@Arkanonn) September 5, 2014

Police tased and detained Salvadore upon finding him. One officer broke his wrist trying to restrain the large man, who also goes by the nickname “Fat Nick.”

Police say it’s unclear if Salvadore and Silva knew each other. Salvadore had been staying with friends in Silva’s neighborhood in recent weeks.

Friends of Salvadore say they never could have expected anything like this from him.

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(via London Evening Standard)

“At school he was just a normal bloke,” tattoo artist Lewis Young told the London Evening Standard. “He seemed pretty cool. It’s just shocking he could have done something like this. It’s so random and strange, I just can’t believe it.”

Salvadore remains in police custody today.

Sources: Mirror, London Evening Standard


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