Craven Desire's Blog Advice To Shoot Unleashed Dogs Gets Mocked-- He Agrees.


Over at Craven Desires blog, he/she/(XX) advises people to stop lobbying for Breed Specific Legislation and take matters into their own hands.

Specifically, craven states (spelling and grammar spelling in original):

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -- John F. Kennedy

the topic of part three is my agenda. the nutters are always pontificating about my agenda, but like 99% of what they spew, there is very little truth in it. i don't favor rounding up gripping dogs and euthanizing them, well not until they get loose attack or menace people, pets, livestock or cars.
a couple of years ago, i tried to work with two others to strengthen my local dangerous dog laws. that crusade lasted less than a month. there were just three of us. the other woman, whose cat was killed in her yard by a loose rampaging pit bull, refused to be involved in anything breed specific. and the man, who lived next door to a pit that chewed through the garage and went for a joy ride, refused to be involved if it was not breed specific. neither one could be swayed from their position. i finally threw up my hands and walked away. i decided it is best to leave the lobbying to people with more patience than i.

my agenda, is simple.

1) counter the pit bull propaganda with facts so that people can make informed decisions about pet ownership and legislation.

2) encourage pit bull advocates to follow their own advice – think for themselves and do their own research, don't just mindlessly consume the pit nutter propaganda.

3) incite people to take up arms and meet the threat head on.

people are getting the message without my help. in just the month of april alone, i documented 13 instances of private citizens who have been forced to shoot or stab gripping dogs in france, louisiana, oregon, texas x2, pennsylvania, alaska x2, california, south carolina, massachusetts, illinois and virginia. that's a good start but more people need to be sending the message to nutters and lawmakers that we will not tolerate these mutants attacking us, our animals or inhibiting our freedom.

in marengo, illinois residents have armed themselves with baseball bats just to walk their dogs. (i have two neighbors who have been carrying bats for the last year and half)

in live oak, texas a man shot and killed father and son pit bull owners after they became belligerent when they were told by the shooter's wife to keep their pit bull contained.

in columbus, ohio law makers are attempting to repeal the only state pit bull law in the nation that designates pit bulls as different and requires basic minimum standards: containment and insurance. ohio is the only state to get it right and they are trying to undo it.

in alabama, the pit bull apologia came out in force to oppose NON BREED SPECIFIC dangerous dog laws last november.

pit bull owners have made peaceful revolution impossible by refusing to take the necessary precautions to keep those around them safe from their mutants, by combating legislation that protects people, pets and livestock and by regurgitating the "it's all how you raise 'em" nonsense that encourages any idiot to adopt one. it is time for the inevitable. i am officially declaring war on loose menacing dogs, especially gripping dogs. a loose gripping dog should be a dead gripping dog. a gripping dog entering the property of another should under no circumstances leave that property alive.

take note lycanprincess, i am not talking about preemptive strikes against gripping dogs. i do not condone indiscriminately killing gripping dogs that are legally and safely confined on their property. i am referring to neutralizing threats as they arise.

city, county and state governments don't care about our safety enough to stand up to the shrill pit nutter minority. even the feds have thumbed their noses to community safety with their loose unenforceable policy on service dogs. animal control is over run with pit nutters who are more interested in education than enforcement. and the police can not respond in time to protect us. the onus is on the individual to protect themselves and their family against vicious dogs. my safety and the safety of my dogs is my burden alone. i rely on no one else. since we have been forced to return to the wild west, we'd better be prepared to meet the challenge. maybe an all out war will get the attention of law makers.

"Let your gun be your companion on all your walks." -- Thomas Jefferson"

When such a suggestion was recounted to other OpposingViews users, their reaction was unified and highly critical:

DontBeAMoron says: "It might be good advice if we were living in Chechnya or Darfur or some post-apocalyptic lawless Hobbesian hellhole...but we don't.
Asking citizens--including the elderly, the disabled, women, children--to arm themselves and be prepared to engage in combat with a vicious attacking pit bull is beyond unrealistic. It is idiotic, absurd, insulting, and callous. It will never fly with lawmakers or public opinion in a millions years."

To which Craven says: "outstanding comment."

Make up your mind already, craven desires.


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