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Patient Defended From Police By Utah Nurse Dies (Video)

Patient Defended From Police By Utah Nurse Dies (Video) Promo Image

The patient at the center of the Salt Lake City police scandal involving the arrest of nurse and former Olympian Alex Wubbels has succumbed to his injuries and died on Sept. 25. A video (below) shows the aggressive arrest of Wubbels, who was defending the rights of her patient.

Bill Gray, 43, was a reserve police officer for Rigby Police department, which released a statement on Facebook after the news of his passing.

"He was a man of kindness and heart, a man of dedication to not only his family but those in his community," the Facebook post reads. "Bill always had a funny story to bring about a laugh. He always did the good thing. This world would be better off with more Bill Grays, and this world is truly darker without his light."

On July 26, Gray was driving a semitrailer in Sardine Canyon near Wellsville when he was hit by Marcos Torres, 26, who was fleeing police. The head-on collision caused a fiery explosion, and Torres died at the scene.

Gray was assisted by police in dousing the flames that had engulfed his body following the crash. He had burns on over 46 percent of his body and was given a 22 percent chance of survival, according to the KSL reporting.

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After the crash, Cache County Sheriff's Office made a request to Salt Lake City police to draw a couple vials of Gray's blood. However, they did not have a warrant to draw blood or consent from Gray to draw blood, and Gray was not a suspect in a crime.

Wubbels refused to tell detective Jeff Payne what room Gray was in so he could draw blood from him while he was unconscious.

The police were seeking his blood to determine whether he had illicit substances in his system at the time of the crash, according to a written report obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune and reported by NBC.

Payne, on the orders of his supervisor, Salt Lake Police Lt. Jordan Tracy, arrested Wubbels for interfering with a police investigation.

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"These are officers of the peace, and this was by no means a peaceful process when it very well could have been," Wubbels said in an interview with NBC News.

The body camera video shows Payne lunging toward Wubbels, grabbing her, pushing her out the doors and up against a wall, and then handcuffing her as she screamed. The video went viral within a day.

Gray's wife released a statement regarding the incident and thanked Wubbels, reports KSL: "I'm glad she was protecting my husband, and I love our police community."

In its Facebook post, the Rigby Police Department shared a memory of Gray regarding a time they went to him with a community problem, and how quickly he rose to action. The previous winter, the snow had been heavier than usual, they said, and Gray used his all-terrain vehicle with a blade on the front to plow a quarter-mile stretch of sidewalk so children in the area could walk to school safely.

Sources: KSL, Rigby Police/Facebook, NBC / Featured Image: Ron Reiring/Flickr / Embedded Images: Neeta Lind/Flickr, Tiocfaidh ar la 1916/Flickr

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