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Craigslist User Advertises Fisher-Price Toy as ‘Door to Another Dimension’

There are plenty of odd ads on Craigslist, but this man who wrote about a child’s Fisher-Price play set that is, in actuality, a gateway to another dimension, may have just taken the cake.

“Trans-dimensional gateway for sale, non operational - $25,” the ad reads.

The seller, a married man with three children, says the Daily News, wrote a near-essay in his Craigslist post, positing.

"Why would a toy have, as its main focus, a door just plopped in the middle of anywhere. Think about it, why would the toddler, possessing some modicum of common sense, not merely walk around the door? There is infinite space on either side of the door, but to go through the door would require effort, coordination, and concentration."

What the toy originally intended to be, explains the ad, is "some sort of device that might teach a toddler how to open a door, push some shapes through a hole, pick up their mail (which would invariably be bills), and other citizen-type activities.”

The toy is formally known as the ‘Laugh and Learn Learning Home.’

The ad continues to describe at length the man’s various attempts to use the door as a portal, including “[obtaining] a flux capacitor from a local junk yard,” and arranging “Egyptian characters [in] the correct order according to the ‘Stargate.’” Finally, the ad reads, the man’s experimentation ended in success. "I placed the gateway in my front yard, started the contraption and opened a GATEWAY,” it says.

However, he explains that the so-called ‘Gateway’ no longer works:

"It was open for about 6.4 seconds, long enough for me to snap a picture. I have included that proof for you. Now I will readily admit, there is some Photoshop involved in the picture. I do not want to give the general public the key to creating the energy force lest it be used for anything other than opening trans-dimensional gateways, so I took it out of the shot. The gateway closed in a colossal flash of light and I have not been able to open it since. Hence I am selling this as a nonoperational gateway."


Source: Daily News, Huffington Post


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