Craigslist Poster Says Black Trick-Or-Treaters Not Welcome In White Neighborhood


An anonymous poster on Norfolk, Va.’s Craigslist banned black trick-or-treaters from his or her “white neighborhood,” WTKR reports.

The warning, posted on the “Rants and Raves” section on Craigslist reads:

“Reminder: Overage Trick Or Treaters Stay Out! (Larchmont-Edgewater)

We hate seeing kids older than twelve going house to house for free candy. Doing so is illegal and this year we will be calling the police on you b**tards. Overage trick or treating is a Class 4 misdemeanor and carries a $250 fine. This will also go on your criminal record if you don’t have one already.

And you n**lets, stay the hell out! We’re a white neighborhood and we don’t want you baboons here!! You little turds better think twice going into my neighborhood or you will be legally punished.”

Presently the city of Norfolk has an ordinance in place that prohibits people over the age of 12 from trick-or-treating in the city. Police told WTKR that they would respond to anyone who calls in about over-age-trick-or-treaters.

“It would be a Class 4 misdemeanor, and would entail a fine, and it wouldn’t be against the child, it would be against the guardian, the parent,” police spokesman Chris Amos said.

As for the anonymous poster’s other warning in regards to black trick-or-treaters, Amos said, “You can’t discriminate against someone being in a particular neighborhood, the law doesn’t address that.”

Every child 12 years and under can trick or treat before 8 p.m. anywhere they choose, said Amos. Anyone who tricks-or-treat after 8 p.m. would be also be guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor, according to the ordinance.

Source: WTKR,


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