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Craigslist Ad Threatens to Shoot Dog Unless Someone Adopts

Liz Pendleton rescued a dog on Saturday after its owner posted an ad on Craigslist with the title "Dog needs gone or shot."

The dog's owner wrote in the ad that there was "no use for a dog" and if the animal were not picked up by someone by the end of the day, the pooch would be shot.

Pendleton drove from University City, Missouri to Morrisonville, Illinois to rescue the dog, even though she can't give it a permanent home.

"It was an hour and a half, and the lady basically didn’t say anything. There was no question I was going to get that dog," Pendleton told Fox 2 Now.

After picking up the German shepherd mix, Pendleton contacted the police about the ad.

Pendleton said she could feel the dog's ribs sticking out beneath his fur.

She has named the dog "Buck" and created an email address,, for anyone who is interested in adopting the canine.

Source: Fox 2 Now


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